Calling People from a Text Message on the iPhone

Have you ever been using your iPhone, in the middle of sending a text message to a friend when you realize it would just be easier to call them and talk it out? With the current interface you have to leave the SMS application, navigate to your contacts using either Phone or Contacts, find the number and tap it. Not the end of the world if only happened rarely, but I find myself going through this pain quite often.

It would be really great if we could find a way to make the call from the text message. I’ll leave the exact design and implimentation up to the people at Apple, but this feature would totally improve my testing experiences.

2 thoughts on “Calling People from a Text Message on the iPhone

  1. Yeah, that works if your conversation is relatively small, or you clear your conversations on a regular basis. I don’t particularly like to clear my conversations as I sometimes refer to previous comments at a later date. What this means is > 10 seconds of scrolling to get to the top. Maybe some double tap on the name could bring you to the opposite end of the conversation, so I could get to top without having to scroll for forever and a day.

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