About the Author

Content on this site was created and is sometimes maintained by me, Zachary Cohen. I’m a technology savvy person who works for a fast growing startup in Palo Alto, CA. Throughout my career I have worked on frontend and backend code projects, done recruiting, and various other tasks for all of the companies I work for. I strive hard to create authentic connections with everyone.

In addition to programming, I’m also a certified Acroyoga teacher and sometimes cheer coach. I teach several classes a week and practice whenever possible. You can find more about that at my other website: zacroyoga.

About the site

This site was made over many years with various different versions of WordPress. Some of the old posts don’t look as good as the new posts, and I’m sorry for the inconsistencies.

The theme is based off Independent Publisher 2 theme from WordPress. I saw it somewhere a long time ago and loved so I copied it.

Many different computers and devices were used to create this site. Maybe I’ll post a list of hardware I’ve used.

The fonts are provided by Google Fonts and at the time of this publishing, I’m currently using Alfa Slab One for the headlines.