Back at It! Acro 365

After taking a very long break from my challenge I have started season two of my Acro365 Challenge. I guess this means the pandemic might be something we are moving past or at least learning to live with. Check out my instagram @zacroyoga for details on the challenge. I’m also working on an Airkit App to keep track of the days and who is doing what.

One of the biggest challenges is that there are not a ton of local people who are super into doing acroyoga. On the west coast I could just ask people and most people would have experienced it. Finding people is going to be a challenge.

Is it Time?

When I moved to Newport, I left a teaching process in California where was teaching about three to five Acroyoga classes a week. Covid was growing more dangerous and the idea of being close to other humans in the Acroyoga context didn’t seem like the best idea. As weather got better last year, I started outdoor jams, they were at pretty terrible times (9 am on a Thursday), but at least they were happening. These events had a mixed success. There were larger gatherings of up to seven people, but for the most part they were small groups of two or three.

But winter is coming and the weather is getting wetter and colder. This means that in order to really grow we are going to have start looking for an indoor space. There are increased risks with indoor spaces and I’m concerned about bringing in new classes. The area I’m teaching has a high vaccination rate, and there seems to be a lowering of cases. The concern is, though, starting Acroyoga is challenge. It’s a challenge in times where Covid isn’t a concern. Is starting a class now just too much? What if I start it and have to cancel it due to covid concerns? This is stuff I’m worrying about and I’m just not sure. Anyone have any good ideas here?

Zack’s Birthday Thai Massage Shindig, March 20th

At this time of year in 2020, I was planning my birthday party. I wanted to take over a large space and bring everyone I knew together and do a giant Acroyoga class. Of course, as COVID-19 spread, this entire idea fell apart. The last thing you can do in an COVID-19 world is touch everyone as closely as possible and do some giant super spreader event.

A year has past, and I have done very little Acroyoga. I’m super rusty. I want to dust off my practice and start with the part of the practice that I was really getting into last year, the Lunar side. Thus I’ll bring to you my plans for my birthday this year.

Doing three sessions on Saturday, March 20th! At different times throughout the day so it should probably work with you no matter what.

East Coast Class TimePacific TimeLinkFacebook Event
9:30 am to 11 am6:30 am to 8 amZoom LinkFacebook Event
2 pm to 3:30 pm11 am to 12:30 pmZoom LinkFacebook Event
5 pm to 6:30 pm2 pm to 3:30 pmZoom LinkFacebook Event

The proposed format is something like the following, but I reserve the right to revise it as we get closer to the session. I suggest switching partner, but if you can somehow convince your partner that you are the only one to receive you can get the massage sequence twice.

Time in MinutesPersonFlow
0 – 15Partner 1 ReceivesProne
15-30Partner 2 ReceivesProne
30-45Partner 1 ReceivesSupine 1
45-60Partner 2 ReceivesSupine 1
60-75Partner 1 ReceivesSupine 2 – Hips
75-90Partner 2 ReceivesSupine 2 – Hips

Zack’s Thai Massage Birthday Shindig

It’s a Thai massage class on Zoom run twice on Saturday,March 20th. There will be one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. Times still to be determined. Through Zoom, I’ll be guiding you through a Thai massage sequence.

For Thai massage, you bring a partner and each learn how to give and receive a Thai massage. Yes, you will need to provide your own partner. This will be run in groups of two. While Thai massage does involve touch, this does not mean you need to use a romantic partner. Your partner can be a friend or even one of your kids. 

The general format is 15 minutes for the first person to give the massage, and then you switch. I’m planning on two three rounds of switching, so the entire class will be an 1.5 hours. The way I’m scheduling it, the first section will be least invasive and easiest, and the last session will be the most difficult. The goal is to give you a taste of the experience, and if you enjoy it you can stay on. If you decide it’s not for you, there are really great opportunities to drop off throughout the class.

You will need just a little bit of floor space. You will want to lay down some sort of mat like a yoga mat. The more space you have around the mat the better, but I’m going to be doing this in my living room with about 2 feet on each side of the mat. I recommend a computer or an iPad to see the moves if you’ve never done Thai massage. Phones are great for seeing faces, but I’m going to be doing a little more involved movement. Also, if you have a small pillow for your knees, that would be helpful but not required.

Clothing wise, those sweatpants you wear to work are a great option. You might also want to bring layers and socks. When you are receiving Thai massage, it helps to dress warm because you will be very passive. When you are the one giving the massage, you tend to generate some heat, and so taking off a layer or two might be helpful.

There are several reasons, but one of them is that Thai massage is about communication. It’s about contact and touch, it’s about talking to others and being present. In this space where we have been stuck in space with a limited number of people, sometimes we don’t take the time to really listen to those we interact with. Let’s reconnect with those around us and do so with some Thai massage.

IT’S FREE!!! There is no cost to coming to the class at all. My goal is to get people into this practice. You have no excuse not to attend.

After the class, if you feel like you would like to tip me, you can do so by sending money to 826 National, which is a nonprofit that helps kids with writing, both creative and otherwise. For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with a reading and writing disability in 3rd grade and was given excellent help to be where I am today. Not everyone has that opportunity, and 826 National is trying to help those with less resources. You can find out more about them and donate here.

Bay Area Acro

For those who don’t know, I’m a little obsessed with AcroYoga. I found it about two years ago and I’m a certified Acro teacher now and teach at least two classes a week (hoping to pick up a third).

There are already a bunch of really great resources out there for finding classes. is one of my favorite. The problem I’ve found is that is often challenging to figure out what is current and what isn’t. I’ve gone to acromaps to find jams and hangouts that just don’t exist.

To that end I’ve created a website called It is a simple website with a curated list of Bay Area AcroYoga classes. It is by no means comprehensive, does not include San Francisco or the East Bay (though I’d be open to changing that if someone wanted to the curator for those areas).

Hopefully you find it useful.