Westport Lobster Fest

A couple weeks ago my brother approached me to help him with building a website for Westport Rotary’s Lobster Fest. I obliged and helped build the site at: The Rotary’s Website.

I started off by sketching a lobster in Paper:

Then I started thinking, my goals in creating the site were:

  • Provide more style than the standard rotary site
  • Keep Westport Rotary looking professional, while still allowing the Lobster Fest to be fun
  • Make the site clean and readable
  • Use their Point of Sale (POS) system from Authorize.net

In case they take it down, you can see it on my projects. For a look at where it started you can see the old page here.

All in all, I feel it is a big improvement. Here are some other things I would have done if I decided to spend more time on it:

  • Use graphics to highlight the date (calendar), time(clock), and location(pin) on the page
  • Provide maps to the locations to buy the tickets in person (though it is a relatively small town and this probably isn’t needed)
  • Add the Rotary Logo
  • Take some credit by putting my name at the bottom


I let you in on a little secret. Part of me wants to be a designer. I wish I could draw. I wish I could be very creative and be a professional creative. One problem, I’m really not that good.

I saw this video on Youtube that gives me just a small ray of hope that maybe someday my skills will improve:

Basically the gist of the video is that everyone goes through a phase of work that they know sucks. It takes years of practice to get past this phase and get to a point where we are good. My problem is that I spend so much time looking for perfect, when good enough will do.

Font: Engravers Gothic Bold

I’m starting a new category, and while technically it should be called a typeface, I’m using fonts. I’m a fan of typography. I think all great designers are. I’m not a great designer, but I have aspirations of being a better one than I am now. Anyway, I see fonts that I enjoy I will be mentioning them here for documentation purposes and hopefully to help others.

I recently ordered some boxer shorts from J. Crew. I received them and was caught by the typography on the belly-band. Here it is:

There were some things that I really enjoyed about this label, especially in the font face. I really like the shape of the capital “B” where the top bubble is slightly smaller the bottom. Almost as if it is sitting on top. I like the width of the “R” as well. Gives the letter almost a subtle strength feeling.

It took a couple of attempts at What the Font to get a font that I think would be a good candidate for this font. I think it is Engravers Gothic Bold. Looks like a very nice font.

Merlin Mann on Creativity Patterns

A lot of my posts recently have just been posts about interesting things I have read on other people’s websites. This is another one of those posts. I’ve been catching up on 43Folders.com recently and quite captured by Merlin Mann.

Today I say his video on Creativity Patterns. This video changed my entire personal perspective, about myself and about my abilities at least for the day. He’s a great speaker and the concept is motivating. Check it out if you haven’t, and consider reading/watching more of Merlin if you have the time.