Cost of Dinner Last Night

This is a rough cost breakdown of my dinner last night:

Item Relative Cost
Greek Yogurt $0.89
Chicken $2.80
Green Pepper $0.50
Zucchini $0.35
Onion $0.75
Ginger $0.10
Lemons $0.50
Total: $5.89

There are several items not included here. For this to be a full cost breakdown I’d need to compute the cost of spices I used: Herbes De Provence and Cheyenne Pepper; and the cost of the rice that I used to, but already head. The total meal actually cost me nearly double that, but I only ate half, so I have some left over for tomorrow.

Sadly, no pictures.

Big Nova

Problem Statement:

I’ve started biking to work. I carry a lot of stuff, sometimes including gear for swimming, running, working, and rock climbing. With my car, I just stick this stuff in the back, easy. On the bike, not so easy.

Solution: Big Nova

I asked my parents for a new Timbuk2 for my birthday. In the end I got a custom designed XL Messenger bag I’ve dubbed “Big Nova”, because of it’s color closeness to the Villanova colors. Most of my friends tease me for the size of the bag but I love having all the room to pack all my gear. Here’s a picture:

Blue, White, Blue Timbuk2 Bag


Along with any design or creation project there are a couple of lessons to learn:

  • XL might be a little too large. In retrospect I probably could have gotten away with a large. Having the extra space is nice, but I don’t think I’ve used it yet.
  • The build quality of this bag is good, but it’s not as good as my old Timbuk2 D-Lux messenger. The ballistic nylon is the same, and the shinny center fabric are fine, but the trimmings like the inside pocket and the straps feel lighter and cheaper. It might just be improved construction, but they feel less sturdy.

Living with Regret

I saw this page/video yesterday on Living with Regret. I was moved by it. I wonder how much of my anxiety is from regret. One of the things that increases regret is imagination. Though I might not exercise it as often (or in as healthy a way) as I should, I think I have a powerful imagination. This may cause me to feel a disproportionate amount of regret. Here are my notes from the video. Don’t judge my spelling too harshly:

Fitness Test

I haven’t been posting for a while because I’ve been working on a project for Cheer SF State. We are administering a fitness test when the students get back from the summer break. If they pass the test they will get out of part of boot camp (a three week intensive training schedule to get them into shape for the next year).

I made a website for the test. It is the easiest way to share it with people. It does not require any log in and students can get to it from anywhere.

Here’s a screenshot (the site is still being worked on):

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned from this project:

  • When making a video, look at the camera (this is obvious, but I didn’t do it)
  • It is possible and easy to cover up the iPhone’s mic, be careful when filming
  • It appears background SVGs don’t work on Firefox (really?)
  • RGBA is your friend. The last parameter is a decimal
  • For some reason Arial Black looks “chunky” on my site. It works well elsewhere, I’m still investigating this
  • There are no real good fitness videos on youtube, or if there are, they are impossible to find