I have a podcast

I create a lot of things. I really enjoy starting projects. I’m not so good at carrying them through.

I started a podcast with my friend Evan to talk a little about climbing. We are both based out of the South Bay so we called the podcast South Beta. It’s a play on our location and route Beta. We have three episodes with no real purpose yet. That is the goal for the next episode, start putting some meaning behind it and start getting something to build for our listeners. Not quite sure what that is supposed to be.

Anyway, it’s an intersting listen and if you climb at planet granite it covers some gym related news. We also talk about going outdoors in this area and climbing tips.

If you have a chance, go to the website and check us out. You can also find us on iTunes.

Modified JustSimple WordPress Theme

I’m not much of a PHP guy, but I chose WordPress for this blog because I feel it is the most stable, well refined, yet easy to use blogging tool out there. Once the platform was decided I started looking for themes that worked well. I finally found something that I really liked when I stumbled on Ciaran Walsh’s blog. The theme is called JustSimple.

It’s a great theme, and I enjoy it on my site, but there areas where it has come up short. Mostly in styles for certain elements. I started a simple github project for my changes to JustSimple Project. One such change I’ve made is to add support for Definition Lists. Terms are bold and definitions are padded left.

If you want, you can download the theme from github (with a shameless use of the definition list):

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Tar File

Cheer Resource: CheerInCollege.com

I’ve recently stumbled on a site that I think is in the same domain as Cheer Resource, CheerInCollege.com. It doesn’t solve all the problems that I’m proposing to fix, but it does do the basics of getting users connected to the site; finding out about various college teams; and showing their skills.

The general site and navigation need a ton of work. They use a radio box where tabs should be placed. Saving is a bit confusing, and I still don’t know how to connect with anyone, but the concept is solid. People cheer in college, they want define their skills and see the skills of people on their programs.

While this site isn’t really a big threat for Cheer Resource, it is making me rethink a couple of things. I need consider the difference between a person and a user. Every user has a person, but not every person has a user. For example, Jeff Webb is a big player in the cheerleading world. He plays a major role in UCA and Varsity. He might not have an account on Cheer Resource, but he would still be someone who I would want a page on.

The other big take away for me is that people are so important. Programs and teams are factor of who is involved with them. People need to be a part of the site from the beginning. The first official release of the site better have a way for people to join a program or team.

One other item from the site: if cheerleading programs/teams are about the people on the, college teams shouldn’t be that different form all star programs/teams. Rec teams shouldn’t be different from high school. I’m very much considering expanding the original concept of the site.

The sad news is that while all of these feature ideas are interesting, I still am not any closer to giving you an actual version of the site. I’m working my way through a rails + google maps book, but haven’t written much in terms of actual site code in a while. I will try and change that soon!

Cheer Resource Intro

Cheer Resource is the name of my current web project. The whole goal of this project is to contribute to the cheerleading community by providing a centralized resource for cheerleaders, parents, and coaches alike to share knowledge about their programs and experiences. There is much work to be done on this project, including refining our goals and design, but most of that will be posted on the project page:


Keep in mind that this is still a rough sketch, and this not what I do for full time employment. This is a “project”, or something I work on for fun. More details to come in the future. For now, I’m just excited to have set up a basic code base and database structure.