Pete’s Pirate Life

A while ago, I got into watching some YouTube creators, one of my favorite being Casey Neistat. Through my constant watching, I discovered one of his friends Peter McKinnon. I don’t know what it is about Peter, but I have a love and hate relationship with his work. His videos are sometimes cool and cover cool things, but oftentimes they are just about obvious editing things or things that Peter himself enjoys. He takes a long time to get to a point that could be covered sooner. Peter’s product shots are very much touched up. Very little of it feels genuine and real. But his style is on point in my book. His love for coffee mirrors my own, and his desire to see the beauty and be joyous is something I strive for.

So for various reasons, sometimes I will watch a Peter video and often times I’ll skip it. The same with his instagram, until I discovered Pete’s Pirate Life. This one collection of photos and products fits into what I love about Peter while keeping me away from some of the stuff I don’t. Through this instagram, Peter shows dark little corners of his life in striking photography. He also does these things called “Drops” whereby he sells fun products. Many of them are overpriced, but the limited nature of the drop makes me pretty excited to collect items. It works on me. To the best of my knowledge, no one has really put together a list of the products he releases with information on what they are and how to make your own or do something like it. I’m going to attempt to do that. Check out my product page on Pete’s Pirate Life.

Photos are from Pete’s Instagram. Not my own work.

Sleeping your Mac with a Microsoft Ergo 4000 Keyboard

One of my friends, who will remain nameless for the purpose of this discussion, convinced me start playing around with a Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000. I got one at work, then I bought one for the home and I’ve been pretty happy with it. There are just a couple of things missing from my standard mac keyboard.

Firstly, on my old computer, I used to be able to hit the a keyboard combination to get my machine to sleep. I believe it was something like Cmd – Shft – Eject. Well, the Microsoft keyboard doesn’t have Eject. So I’m out of luck there. It does, however, have a set of buttons reserved for favorites. So I decided to code up a little AppleScript and bind it to one of these keys. Here’s the script, and I just saved it as an editable application. Then you can go into the preference pane for the keyboard and assign the whichever key you want to this script. Good luck.

tell application "finder"
end tell

Halloween Stuff

I got up this morning and started looking through facebook. I got upset that so many people had carved pumpkins this past weekend, but I had not. For the record, I’m not a huge pumpkin guy. Carving one involves getting your hands dirty which has never been one of my strong suits. Anyway, so I decided to make on in Sketch. Here is draft one, and the source file for you to play with. It’s yours to do whatever with.

And here’s the source:

OmniGraffle Calendar Template

I was searching the web and while I found many specific instances of calendars for various different programs, I didn’t really find a generic template that I could reuse again and again, so I made one. The colors are set up to be orange and white because that is the colors of team I coach, but it can easily be changed.

I choose OmniGraffle because it is probably my most favorite drawing program. If you own a Mac, you should get a copy of this program.

Calendar Template OmniGraffle

Since you might be on your mac right now, here is a PDF preview:
Calendar Template Preview