In addition to I also seem to collect a bunch of other domains. Here is a list of domains that I have and am working on or will be working on someday.

Currently running projects

One of my longest running domains. I’ve had this one for over a decade. I use it to talk about cheerleading. In it’s current state is a tumblr blog, where sometimes I post about my personal feelings regarding the sport of cheerleading or simple coaching techniques.
Small site that I made for a coworker, mostly as a joke. Built with jekyll.
Site for my traveling van and road trip.
Another site where I publish some of my thoughts, and all of my instagrams.
Podcast about rock climbing with Dr. Even Pearce.
A website where I can share more about my patagonia obsessions.
A website for one of my colleagues, Fabian.
### Future Projects

If anyone wants to participate in one of these projects, I’m open to help. Drop me an email and let me know what you want to do.

The intention for this site is to provide a quick way to find cheerleaders to stunt in a geolocated area.
This was a father’s day gift to my father on a father’s day many years ago. It’s now defunct and I should definitely do something else with this page.
When I first started drinking coffee I would only drink Peet’s Iced Mocha’s. This was my first thought as a name for a consulting company I was thinking about starting before I decided I still wanted to work for someone.
[Pixel Conundrum](
Several years ago, Panic’s Cabel wrote [this amazing post]( on how they got their tab bar to work. Thought pixel conundrum was a great name for a site about visual nuances. Still a work in progress.
[Palo Alto Sucks](
Palo Alto, CA is nuts. I had my car broken into in a lot in Palo Alto, where I had a permit. Yes, everyone has their car broken into, that’s not that big a deal. What pushed me over the edge was the fact that I had to pay an additional fee to have the permit sticker replaced on my broken car window. There are several other stories I have from friends about how PA sucks, hopefully they will make it onto this site someday.
[Peninsula Cheer](
This is a website for the Bay Area cheerleading teams. Idea here is to bring coaching community closer together as well as providing resources for those who want to get more into cheerleading or learn more about it.