Peter McKinnon’s website: Pete’s Pirate Life.

On the site he releases drops of products. This is my database of products that I have seen on the site, a review of each of them and other random thoughts on what is released.


Pocket Log Books ($35)

These pocket sized notebooks are identical in size to the Field Notes notebooks I’m obsessed with. The covers are a bit shinny, though, and they paper feels rigid and not at the same caliber of as a Field Notes book. I have not used them for writing, but I do like the design. They are very much overpriced at $35 for a pack of 3. Field Notes, by contrast, are 10 bucks for 3 of the normal packs and up to 14 more expensive types.

Hardback Log Books Pocket ($20)

Dimensions: 3 11/16 ” x 5″, so it is a little wider than Field Notes and a little shorter than field notes. Interesting size. While the size does feel similar to pocket Baron Fig, the band inside is not at the same level of quality. The pages are also perforated throughout, unlike the Baron Fig which only has the last couple of pages perforated.

The pages are pure white with a light dot grid. Again, no indication of who makes this product. Came sealed in plastic. Not worth the price in my opinion, but still cool.

Hardback Log Books Standard Notebook ($30)

Interested to see what the standard size of these are. Not sure who makes this, but assuming it is the same manufacturer as the pocket ones. Excited to see what these turn out to be.

Still not sure who makes it. I haven’t compared it in size yet to moleskine or baron fig, but it seems about the same size. Like the Baron Fig, it does not come with an elastic which at this point feels weird for me on a book that size.

Stickers and Patches

Sticker Pack ($30)

30 dollars for about 12 stickers means that each sticker is costing you more than 2 dollars a sticker. Still some of the colors of the stickers are quite bright. They do not have duplicates in the pack so that is also awesome.

Pirate Velcro Patch ($20)

This is a small, roughly 2 inch by 2 inch PVC patch with black backing and a white Pirate logo on the top. Actually, pretty darn happy with this purchase. These patches probably cost around 2 bucks to make, so there is a large mark up. I’ve made something similar with brewery outfitters. Still, love the style and not mad at this purchase.

There are two version of this patch, one with a black background and white pirate and one with a white background and black pirate. I have both. Like the black background better, but both are pretty darn cool.

I Love Knives Velcro Patch ($20)

Waiting on mine to arrive. Will provide feedback when it gets here.

Keys and Coins

Coin V3 ($125)

Okay, this is a solid brass challenge coin with the Pirate on one side and “Fly the Flag” on the other. It is expensive for what it is, but beyond the coin, the box comes with some awesome extras. It comes in a vault case that is really well designed and sealed with pirate shaped screw heads. It comes with the bit to open the box. The coin comes with a leather carry case. All in all, I was surprised at the value for the cost of this one. The rest of the pirate stuff I’ve gotten has felt grossly overpriced and this felt almost reasonable.


Captain Kirk’s Hot Sauce ($25)

I’ll admit that I haven’t used it yet, but the bottle is pretty freaking cool. I’m excited to see how it tastes. Will report when there are more details.


Pirate Shop Rag ($15)

This is exactly what it sounds like, a shop rag with a pirate logo on it. Nothing special, way overpriced. Too expensive for me to actually use in the shop.

Bandage Kit ($30)

Comes with about 32 bandages and a couple of packs of anticipant in a small tin. It’s cool and all, but way overpriced. Also, I’m not sure if this is a mistake, but while they come in packs of 8 with one design, I believe my kit came with two packs of the same image on them. Not the best bandages either.