In March of 2020, Santa Clara County was put on shelter in place due to the novel Coronavirus causing COVID-19. During the time that I’m quarantined I will have to do a number of projects to prevent myself from going crazy. Hopefully this page will display some (hopefully most) of the projects I take on during this crazy time in our lives.

Leslie Is The Best

For various reasons, the rules of my household have prevented me from being the type of friend I want to be to one of my greatest friends, Leslie. In a moment of weakness I decided to make her a quick website:

The Room Project

If you’ve read my blog you might have seen this post: about things I want to do. One of them was cleaning my room. I’ve been working slowly on it, but this at home time has come and I’m using my at home time to get through all the projects like this.

Quarantined Photos

I’ve been working on taking some photos of the world during this super weird time. Here are some quarantine photos:

Old RelateIQ Photos

In the process of doing some of the cleaning that I’ve been doing during the quarantine I found the old RelateIQ photos that used to be on the wall walking down to the basement. Many of them are from before my time. I scanned them, (sometimes adding tape to sticky surfaces) and uploaded them to Smugmug. You can see them here.

Kyle Keep Paice

One of my coworkers name is Kyle Paice. During a demo he mentioned that he owed, and he called me out. Big mistake. Bought the domain and now he has a site up there. Don’t start nothing…

South Beta Podcast Updates

During this quarantine I have spent some time updating the South Beta Podcast website. I have also published an episode that we recorded before the beginning of the quarantine. More updates to come while we are out.

Evan Fanboy

We played a game of hanabi and someone mis-understood how to log in and created the most amazing user name ever. That’s how the website was born!

Folding @ Home

I learned about this one from my roommates. This is a project, akin to SETI, that uses distributed networks to better understand portion folding. I don’t know a ton about what exactly this means or how this helps scientists, but it seems like a small way I can use my computer(s) to help with the work being done to understand this novel corona virus. Here is my personal page. You join the fight at folding@home.