Simple Merchant Menu

DripFiltered coffee, often available in a light or dark roast.3
EspressoA double ristretto pull of espresso. Usually have either a house roast and a rotating coffee.4
+ MilkTake the espresso from above (house or rotating) and add milk in whatever way you want. Can be a Macchiato, a cortado, cappuccino , flat white, or latte. Hot or iced.5
ShakeratoEspresso with simple syrup shaken with ice and strained into a glass.5
Old FashionedEspresso, Angostura bitters, maple syrup, served over ice with an orange peel.6
Espresso and Citrus SodaA shot of espresso added to a citrus soda water, served on ice.6
Espresso TonicA shot of espresso added to tonic water, served over ice.7
Lavender AirocanoEspresso with house made Lavender syrup and ice, steamed to add air. Strained into a glass. Served cold, but without ice.6
The EarlA Latte with house made Earl Grey Syrup.7
Chrysanthemum AffogatoEspresso served over Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a house made Chrysanthemum syrup.8
RoseLatte with House Made Rose Syrup, a little but of vanilla, orange bitters and an orange peel garnish.8
Honey CinnamonLatte with local Honey and a sprinkle of Cinnamon7
Salted CaramelLatte with caramel syrup and some sea salt added.7
MochaLatte with Chocolate7